ACT.MOVE.PERFORM. Performancesymposium, Dresden, 30.09.-08.10.2017

The symposium ACT. MOVE. PERFORM. Performance Art and Performativity in Art, Education and Research provides an insight into contemporary, aesthetic and educational approaches to performativity and performance art. It will take place from September 30th to October 8th, 2017 in Dresden, Germany.


The symposium is conformed to national and international art educators, artists, students of art and theater studies, theater and museum educators, as well as young academics in the field of art and theater education, urban performance, theater studies, philosophy, educational sciences, media sciences, art- and cultural studies. Moreover, there will be activities for interested pupils.

Performativity is depicted as inner and outer imagery generated by typified action and thus is the phenomenological basis for research in different fields of science. Performance art, mostly presented live by the artists, is an art form which develops moving multi-media imagery. The pedagogy of performativity is an educational practice which supports experimental open research and activity settings to initiate integrated learning. Contemporary artistic research strongly refers to performative processes and creates references between different forms of acquisition and science, art, and society. Aesthetic contemporary research questions strongly refer to performative processes and establish connections.

These different positions and approaches are represented in the symposium via three dimensions:

  1. International artists’ as well as students’ and pupils’ presentations of contemporary performances.
  2. Performance art teaching by renowned artists aiming at the development of single or group performances in weeklong workshops.
  3. Young academics’ symposium, discussing and presenting research questions about theories of performativity and its functional inter-disciplinary relations to education, sciences, politics and art.

The symposium contributes to scientific, pedagogic and artistic discourse on contents, forms of teaching and aims of performance teaching, as well as activity-based forms of learning in schools, universities, art institutions and in the field of extracurricular cultural education.


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